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(One hour or ) 7 miles

“X time or Y distance” is a game I play with myself a lot when I’m not feeling entirely up to the run I have planned.  Yesterday I was feeling a little tummy-achy and hungover and sleepy, so I needed … Continue reading

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Today’s (and yesterday’s) workout: yowch!

Yesterday I met up with BT and proceeded to get my butt thoroughly kicked.  He taught me a new core routine (which we planned to do 5 sets of, but had to stop at 3 because I was basically hyperventilating … Continue reading

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Today’s workout: looking up

There must be some famous quote to sum up  that there’s nothing better than success to make you complacent and nothing better than failure to make you try harder.  After last Thursday’s disappointing mile trial, the next two runs have … Continue reading

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Hiding from the rain

After two months of bizarrely sunny and dry weather, the rain finally caught up with us late last week.  On Sunday it was raining pretty steadily in the morning, and I wussed out about my usual long run. (I’m a … Continue reading

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So…yesterday we did our usual buddy run and that was fine (4 miles).  Today was my first day back at the track, and I did a very gentle (9:15 pace) 2.5 mile warm-up around campus, and then a track mile … Continue reading

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Quick ab work

Yesterday got crazy at lab, so I didn’t make it to the gym, but when I got home I got in a little core work and some stretching.  When I don’t have a pilates ball I adapt my standard core … Continue reading

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12 bay front miles

Today’s run went a bit better in terms of actual running than last week’s, although I still got draggy in the middle.  12.2 miles, in 1:47, for an 8:46 pace overall.  Still, in theory I’m hoping to run close to … Continue reading

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