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midweek workouts

-Went for 6 miles with RH yesterday; from Campus Drive down to Stanford Ave and down to EL Camino.  My right achilles got sore again; I iced it and rolled it out and it seems fine now. -This morning I … Continue reading

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Lifting and core

Some new stuff so want to write down before I forget: 3×15 each: ball pushups, ball pikes (hate), ball knee curls (all exercises together as one unit–45 things at once). 3X15: Ball leg raises (hate), then side-to-sides (both together as … Continue reading

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Today’s workout: recovery

I did a bit of foam rolling for my achilles last night, and a half-assed round of crunches. Today I did my standard hour workout: 35 minutes (well, 38 actually) on the precor, for 4.3 miles, then my core routine. … Continue reading

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Yay half marathon PR!

Despite pouring rain all night Saturday, Sunday dawned overcast and dry for the Oakland half marathon.  There was a whole crew of us out for this one, and even though all the twists and turns made it a hard race … Continue reading

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track mile redemption

I was super bummed out about my 7:28 track mile a couple months ago.  Today, when I came to track, BT laid out a plan of 2 laps warm up, 3×800’s with 2 minute rest breaks, and a track mile.  … Continue reading

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Past week’s workouts

Gahhh, so many things going on!  I keep falling behind on logging… Friday, March 9: 4 miles precor (Sat and Sun got taken over by working a water stop for TNT, JMG’s gig that went till 4am, and the subsequent … Continue reading

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Today’s track work: 2x8x400

Today we did a mile warm up, and then 2x8x400s, meaning 8 laps of the track (starting from the 400 line) with a minute rest between each lap.  Then a 3 minute rest, and then 8 more laps. I didn’t … Continue reading

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