10x 400’s and my legs may actually fall off

It should perhaps come as no surprise that returning to work full time after maternity leave put a serious crimp in both my running and my intended return to blogging. But I’ve joined BT’s class Fit to Run, which means I’m back on the track once a week, and I’d like to document it. So look for (hopefully, hopefully) more frequent, but shorter, posts.
-a couple weeks ago was 12X 200’s, which I ran at mostly 50-55 secs (vs 40-45 2 years ago).
-I have noticed my mile times coming down, out of the 9ish range and back more comfortably into the 8:30ish range. I had one very good (if short–2.7 miles) tempo run at a sustained 8:15-8:20 pace.
-today was 400s. Amazingly, I was able to run them very near to the pace I ran them two years ago, but that was certainly too fast, since for the last several I was taking longer and longer rests (supposed to be 60 second rests. Definitely more like 90….or even 120…by the last couple laps). And my times were pretty erratic–varied by 13 seconds (ie about 50 secs per mile). But damn does it feel good to be able to run like I used to, even for a couple laps!

10x 400’s:
1:42 (this is where I was like “oh. there’s no way I can keep this up”)

For an average of 1:44 over 10 laps, which corresponds to just under a 7 minute mile pace (two years ago I ran them at 1:42 average, although in fairness I also ran 16 of them, not 10). Given that my mile time trial was 7:59…this is too fast to train at,and I should probably have been at more like 1:55-2:00. But it was so satisfying to be able to run a bit this way.  We started with a mile warm up and followed with a mile cool down, so this comes to about 4.5 miles total.  I’ll be very gentle for the next few days to recover.


About aewills

Biologist living near Seattle seeks wild plants to eat, toxic plants to study, and new routes to run.
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One Response to 10x 400’s and my legs may actually fall off

  1. Jen says:

    Welcome back to blogging and track work! I just did my first set of 400’s the other week and 60 seconds of rest was definitely not enough… and I only ran 4! 😉 Great job!

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