A quick life status check

So about three hours ago, crusted with sweat from 5 miles of running this morning, I found myself in the basement of the med school, inhaling a breakfast burrito, strapped to a breast pump, having just run over for a shower after injecting a bunch of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone into some frogs.  And I thought “huh.  My life is kind of weird.”  And beautiful.


And more than a little silly.


Today’s run:

1.1 mile warm up (Chip trail: 9:05.  Too fast.  I haven’t worked out a “warm up” pace for my new and changing ability level.)

3 mile tempo (track to Lasuen Mall to Mayfield to Coronodo to Alvarado to Campus drive and back to the track):




1.25 mile cool down (GSB loop: track to Serra to Campus drive and back to track. 9:30 pace)


About aewills

Biologist living near Seattle seeks wild plants to eat, toxic plants to study, and new routes to run.
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2 Responses to A quick life status check

  1. Josh says:

    You’re amazing and I love you =)

  2. Jen says:

    Yay! More photos please!!
    Oh, and great tempo too. 😉

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