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Midweek workout summary and Max Heart Rate test

I’ve still been feeling my sore piriformis a bit this week, but it doesn’t seem to be too aggravated by running, so I’ve just been trying to be a responsible stretcher (definitely my weak suit!), and otherwise ignoring it. Monday:  … Continue reading

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Grumble, Grumble

Things have sorta fallen all to hell this week: 1) I had a really good run on Sunday: 10 miles at 7:54, followed by 2 cool-down miles at 11:00.  (Weekly mileage total about 30).  But somewhere around mile 6-7, my … Continue reading

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How to manually delete laps from your Garmin data

Part 1: So, not being a computer scientist, I can only imagine it must be incredibly tricky for the Garmin folks to write code that will allow you to delete a lap o.O (suspicious look).  Because otherwise I can’t figure … Continue reading

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Midweek workouts

This week has been a hodgepodge: Monday: 5 miles elliptical Tuesday: 5 miles with RH, including the lower dish for some hills.  We’re both running the Tilden Tough Ten on Sunday, so we wanted a little hill practice.  The route … Continue reading

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Overtrained or just overwarm?

I haven’t been feeling great on my workouts the last few days, and after talking it over with running buddy JYL, I’m on the fence about whether it might be because I’m approaching overtraining, or if it’s just that it’s … Continue reading

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Treadmill Tempo

So…I was feeling encouraged by how well the Presidio 10 mile went, and by the fact that I was capable of running 2 miles in 14:00 (even though trying to do it twice in a row nearly killed me), and … Continue reading

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3×2 miles: the thrill of victory, the agony of dry-heaving in the bushes

Today’s “track” workout with BT was not actually on the track but instead was 3 repeats of the 2 mile loop that runs around the athletic fields behind the track.  It was complicated by the battery on my Garmin dying … Continue reading

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